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Being an ASP.NET developer and fan of jQuery, I had put together all my real life experience with ASP.NET GridView Control and jQuery and complied them in my first ever eBook named "ASP.NET GridView and jQuery Tips and Tricks". This eBook takes you through 16 different, useful, tips and tricks and offers solution for all possible requirements with ASP.NET GridView control. This is a point to point eBook with detailed explanation of code. Along with this eBook, code samples are also attached.

This eBook was not possible without my blog readers and followers. Your continuous support is encouraging and motivates to do more good things. "Thank You".

What you will learn from this book :

  1. Formatting ASP.NET GridView rows
  2. Highlight row on mouseover in ASP.NET GridView
  3. Set Alternate color for ASP.NET GridView columns
  4. Highlight ASP.NET GridView Rows when Checkbox is checked
  5. Change cursor to hand on mouseover in ASP.NET GridView
  6. How to remove ASP.NET GridView rows
  7. How to remove ASP.NET GridView columns
  8. Drag and Drop ASP.NET GridView rows
  9. How to loop through all ASP.NET GridView rows
  10. How to access particular cell in ASP.NET Gridview
  11. How to filter ASP.NET GridView records
  12. How to search through GridView records
  13. Get ASP.NET GridView Cell Value on Click
  14. Check/uncheck checkboxes in Asp.NET GridView
  15. Highlight empty table element
  16. Hide table rows with empty td element
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