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Update another field when date selection is made using jQuery UI DatePicker

In this post, I will show you when using jQuery UI Datepicker how to update another field when date selection is made in another control. jQuery UI Datepicker provides an options "altField", which can be used to set the selected date to another control. Set the ID of another control as value for this field […]
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jQuery UI Slider overlap issue solution

I had already posted about How to use jQuery UI Slider and other posts about jQuery UI Slider but this is really interesting. While using jQuery UI Slider for range selection, you may come across a situation where both the slider pointer are at the same value, which means that they overlap. And this is […]
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jQuery UI Virtual Keyboard plugin

Today many banking sites are providing virtual keyboard to enter the password while using internet banking because it is safe and secure than entering password from keyboard. Today, I will show you a jQuery UI Virtual keyboard plugin which is just amazing. Virtual Keyboard is a jQuery UI plugin that comes with lots of features, […]
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Set Alternate color for GridView columns using jQuery

In this post, we will see how easily we can assign background color to ASP.NET Grid Views columns using jQuery. In this example, we will assign "Tan" color to all the even columns of GridViews and "PaleGoldenrod" to even columns. When I say Odd, that means columns which are having odd numbers like column1, column3 […]
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How to disable all controls on the page using jQuery

Today, I got into a situation where for some reason I need to disable all the controls on the page on client side. So I have implemented it using jQuery and sharing the solution of the problem "how to disable all controls of the page using jQuery". Below jQuery code will get called on click […]
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Read and Process XML using jQuery Ajax

While working on my current project, for one of my requirement I need to read and process the XML file using jQuery and Ajax. The actual XML file was very huge and I can't share. So in this post, I will show you how to process XML file with jQuery and Ajax. Related Post: How […]
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