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Add default option to ASP.NET Dropdown list using jQuery

Sometimes It is required to add default option like "Please Select" or "Select" in Dropdown list. Below is a simple jQuery code to "add default option to ASP.NET Dropdown list using jQuery". //Code Starts $(document).ready(function(){ var defaultOpt = "<option selected='selected' value='-1'>--Select--</option>" $('#<%=ddlCountry.ClientID %>').prepend(defaultOpt); }) //Code Ends And if you want to add default option to […]
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Combine all TextBox values to a Hidden field using jQuery

One of my colleague asked me "He wants to add all the textbox value present on the page in a hidden field using jQuery and that hidden field value will be submitted to form using Ajax". He was knowing how to submit the values using Ajax but he was facing problem while adding all textbox […]
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Best 5 jQuery Captcha plugins

Captcha is a method which provides a way to identify human or bot or any malicious software trying to access website. You have seen Captcha at the time of signup, putting comments on any site, contact forms etc. It's a smart way to keep bots away from entering in to the website. Here are Top […]
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Alert user while typing invalid domain name using jQuery

It is very much possible that at the time of signup, user make mistake while entering the correct domain. For example, instead of "", user types "". And the wrong email address gets saved in database. And later on, when your website sends an email, the email will bounce. In this post, I will show […]
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Make your file upload control stylish using jQuery

File upload control is a very common control, but the look and feel of file upload control is eye catching. Also there is no control how browser renders it. Different browsers renders in different style, which is not what you want. So in this post, I will demonstrate a jQuery plugin called "jQuery Custom File […]
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How to search through GridView records using jQuery

I had already posted "How to filter GridView records using jQuery" but With continuing my experiments with ASP.NET Grid View and jQuery, In this post I will show you how to search through all columns of ASP.NET GridView Data and show only those data which satisfies the search text. I have implemented it using jQuery […]
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