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How to Limit Number of Characters in Textarea using jQuery

Find jQuery code to limit characters inside textarea control. Below code also handles copy + paste and on drop event. $(function () { var nMaxLength = 150; $("#txtDesc").keydown(function (event) { LimitCharacters($(this)); }); $("#txtDesc").keyup(function (event) { LimitCharacters($(this)); }); function LimitCharacters(txtDesc) { if (txtDesc.val().length > nMaxLength) { txtDesc.val(txtDesc.val().substring(0, nMaxLength)); } else { var nRemaining = nMaxLength - […]
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10 jQuery plugins for textarea element

Find a complied list of 10 jQuery plugins for textarea input element. These plugins allows you to set characters count limit, make them easily grow/expandable as and when user types. You may also like: Latest jQuery Rich Text Editor Plugins 15 Free Awesome jQuery Text Effect Plugins Awesome jQuery Tab Plugins and Tutorials jQuery Textarea […]
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