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jQuery Coding Standards & Best Practices

Following coding standards and best practices while programming is hallmark of a good programmer. These expertise plays an important role for performance of any application. And this applies while using jQuery as well. As a jQuery developer, its very important to follow coding standards and best practices to write better code, error handling and avoiding […]
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Ignored powerful shortcuts of jQuery

Many developers ignore shortcuts and power of jQuery and I myself being a victim of some of the useful, handy but yet ignored shortcuts of jQuery. These are not some advance or complex shortcuts but I guess these are used a lot. Consider, below jQuery code lines. $("#elm").css("display", "none"); //Line 1 $("#elm").css("display", ""); //Line 2 […]
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What is Chaining in jQuery?

You may have come across a term "Chaining" in jQuery. But do you know what is Chaining in jQuery? There is no specific definition available for this term in jQuery but it is also not different from the general meaning of Chain. In general term Chain is, "A connected flexible series of metal links used […]
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