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Introduction to jQuery UI

After many months of stellar work, the jQuery UI team has released version 1.5 of their flagship suite of user-interface widgets, components, and effects. This release was focused on bringing you a standardized development API across all of the components, allowing for a more seamless experience when working with the jQuery UI library.
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The Year of jQuery UI

Two years ago I made the somewhat immodest claim that 2007 would be the "Year of jQuery." Since then, jQuery's popularity has grown in ways that none of the core contributors could have imagined. Now I'm ready to make another bold pronouncement: 2009 will be the year of jQuery UI. Here's why:
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A jQuery UI Combobox: Under the hood

Update on 2010-08-17: This article was updated to reflect the changes to the combobox code in jQuery UI 1.8.4 The jQuery UI 1.8 release brings along the new autocomplete widget. An autocomplete adds a list of suggestions to an input field, displayed and filtered while the user is typing. This could be attached to a […]
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Autocomplete Migration Guide

The jQuery Autocomplete plugin got a successor recently, the jQuery UI Autocomplete. In this guide we'll look at the old plugin API step-by-step, and how to migrate to the new API. At first it may look like the new plugin supports barely any of the old options. We'll see how all the old options can […]
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Implement jQuery UI DatePicker with ASP.NET

jQuery UI has collection of couple of cool control like DatePicker, Tabs, Dialog, Button etc. See list of all the control provides by jQuery UI. In this post, we will be looking at datepicker() control. First of all, to start with jQuery UI, you need to download latest jQuery UI from here. To start first,we […]
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Show Hand/Pointer cursor on image button with jQueryUI datepicker control

In my previous post, I have explained you that how you can integrate jQueryUI datepicker control with ASP.NET. If you have not read it, then read it first. When you use "showOn:button" option with the datepicker control, it display a button next to the textbox. However there is a concern. When you take mouse on […]
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