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Show only Month and Year in only one jQuery UI DatePicker in case of Multiple DatePicker

In one of my previous post, I had posted about Show only Month and Year in jQuery UI DatePicker, but there was an issue with the code explained in that particular post. The issue was that it was applicable for all the datepickers present on the page and it is quite possible to have such […]
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Restrict Date Range in jQuery UI DatePicker for two dates

In this post, you will learn how to implement validation to "Restrict Date Range in jQuery UI DatePicker" or "End Date should be greater than Start Date by few days using jQuery Date Picker". When I say few days, which means end date must be at least StartDate + 4 or StartDate + 2.. The […]
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Hide/ Disable Dates in jQuery UI Datepicker

In this post, find jQuery code to hide or disable specific dates in jQuery UI Datepicker. This is small but useful features. Consider a scenario, where hide all the dates for public holidays or workplace is closed. Related Post: Disable specific days in jQuery Datepicker Disable Weekends in jQuery DatePicker Enable only weekends in jQuery […]
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Few Interesting things with jQuery UI DatePicker setDate()

Earlier today, I posted about "How to Set Current Date in jQuery UI Datepicker" using setDate() method provided by jQuery UI Datepicker library. But there are few interesting things which you can also do with setDate() method which you might not be knowing. setDate() method takes 'date' as argument but this argument either can be […]
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jQuery UI Datepicker : Set Current Date

To set current date in control to which jQuery UI datepicker bind, use setDate() method. Pass date object which needs to be set as an argument to setDate() method. If you want to set it to current date then you can pass 'today' as argument. So, jQuery code to set current date may look like […]
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How to change jQuery UI Tooltip font style

When you download jQuery UI, all the widgets comes with predefined theme or style. But sometimes, it is required to override or change default font style to match up with your current webpage style or css. For example, assume that all the controls on your page are having font-size of "8pt" and jQuery UI tooltip […]
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