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How to enable/disable jQuery UI Button

In this post, find out way to enable or disable jQuery UI button. The jQuery UI Button provides enable and disable methods which change the status of the jQuery UI button. To enable the button, $("#btnDemo").button("enable"); To disable the button, $("#btnDemo").button("disable"); See result below See Complete Code Feel free to contact me for any help […]
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How to assign custom image to jQuery UI Button

You have already seen, How to use jQuery UI Icons in jQuery UI Button, but what if you are not fan of these icons and you want to have your own/custom image on the jQuery UI button, instead of these built-in icons. This can be done but it is not a straight forward thing but […]
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Use jQuery UI Icons in jQuery UI Button

The jQuery UI themes provides many icons which you can use for any purpose. You can display them in jQuery UI buttons as well. To use them, all you need to provide is the class name. The jQuery UI Button widget has icons settings to display icons. You can display 2 different icons. The primary […]
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How to change jQuery UI Button Tooltip

jQuery UI Button shows the text of the button as tooltip. That is default behavior of jQuery UI Button. Sometimes you need to override this default behavior and you want to set the tooltip to some different text. Well, that's possible. jQuery UI Button has option called "label". When this is not specified then it […]
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Fix for jQuery UI Button with only images issue

Yesterday, while using jQuery UI Button I encounter an strange issue. The functionality was to display the button with only image, no text. But my button was looking quite odd. See below image, After few minutes, I realized that I was doing 2 mistakes. As soon as I fixed it, the button was looking good. […]
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