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Difference between jQuery text() and html() functions

jQuery provides 2 functions text() and html() and when to use text() function and when to use html() function is quite confusing as both the functions are different and serve different purpose. .html() - This jQuery function gets/sets the HTML of any element. .text()- This jQuery function gets/sets the text (innertext) of any element. Let's […]
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fadeToggle method in jQuery 1.4.4

jQuery team has released jQuery 1.4.4 Release Candidate 2. The purpose of candidate release to ensure that before they officially release it, it get tested with the developer community. With jQuery 1.4.4 a new animation method is added called "fadeToggle". jQuery already have fadeIn(), fadeOut() and fadeTo() method. fadeIn() - This method makes element visible […]
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Check variable is Array using jQuery

Today for one of my functionality, I need to check whether the Java script variable is an array or not. jQuery provides a method "jQuery.isArray()" to check whether the element is Java script array or not. jQuery.isArray() returns a boolean value that indicates whether the object is a JavaScript array or not. It takes the […]
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How to scroll to the bottom of a textarea using jQuery

Today I came across a situation where in textarea control, text was appended from code behind (.NET code) on button click. But the actual concern was that appended text is not visible to the end user as textbox area shows text from the top. So I looked into jQuery to find solution of it and […]
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How to find index of element in array using jQuery

Today, for my project requirement, I need to find out index of any element in jQuery. I found the solution. jQuery provides a method called "inArray" which search for the specified value in the array and returns the index of the element. Earlier I had posted about jQuery solution to remove item from array, split […]
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How to find index of Selected element

jQuery provides index() method to find out index of any element. index() method returns an integer value that indicates position of the element. If the element is not found then it returns -1. The index value starts from 0 which means 1st element value will be 0. See below code snippets which finds the index […]
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