fadeToggle method in jQuery 1.4.4

jQuery team has released jQuery 1.4.4 Release Candidate 2. The purpose of candidate release to ensure that before they officially release it, it get tested with the developer community. With jQuery 1.4.4 a new animation method is added called "fadeToggle". jQuery already have fadeIn(), fadeOut() and fadeTo() method.

fadeIn() - This method makes element visible with Fading effect.
fadeOut() - This method makes element Invisible with Fading effect.
fadeTo() - This method allows you to set the opacity of any element with fading effect.

The new method fadeToggle() is combination of fadeIn() and fadeOut(). It toggles the fade In and fade Out effect. As for example, you want to show/hide a div with fading effect on click of single button. This can be easily achieved with new fadeToggle() method.

As jQuery 1.4.4 is not officially released yet so the reference of candidate release is provided from http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.4.4rc2.js

<script  type="text/javascript"

Below jQuery code uses fadeToggle() method.

See live Demo and Code.

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