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Error/Exception handling in jQuery

Your code is not working is a Daily Battle which I think we all deal with. But that's the best way to learn and become expert. You may read many books on technologies but you can't remember everything. But practical exposure and solving different error will always stay in your mind. So in this post, […]
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jQuery – Correct way to check if object is null or Empty

Yesterday, I ran into a interesting and frustrating situation where for couple of minutes I was not able to find out what's wrong with my code. But I learned something new. Let me first give you an idea about what I was working on. I was creating a function, which first checks of div element […]
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jQuery code not working – A Daily Battle

Developers life is full of various code battles and "jQuery is not working" or "jQuery code is not working" is a just another daily battle which they have to fight against while working with jQuery. The message "jQuery is not working" itself defines its pain saying "Oh!!! there is something buggy in your code and […]
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Common jQuery Mistakes

Well, Everyone makes mistakes and and best part would be not to repeat them again. You should "Always make new mistakes" :). jQuery is awesome library. But believe me, it can make you crazy if it is not used properly and efficiently. It can hit performance of your page and you don't even realize it. […]
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5 Reasons of jQuery – $ is not defined error

"jQuery is not defined" or "$ is not defined" is a very common error that you may face while working with jQuery or if you have started learning jQuery. The error message "jQuery is not defined" clearly says that it can't find the jQuery and you are trying to access jQuery's power. So in this […]
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How to migrate older jQuery code to jQuery 1.9+

jQuery team with their previous release has marked many methods/features deprecated but they were available with earlier jQuery releases. But with release of 1.9 version of jQuery many deprecated methods are discarded now and no longer available. Which are, Related Post: All you need to know about jQuery Source Maps jQuery.browser docs jQuery.fn.andSelf() docs jQuery.sub() docs jQuery.fn.toggle() docs (_event click […]
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