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Add a Timepicker to jQuery UI Datepicker

jQuery UI DatePicker is one of the best date selection control available and it is most popular as well. DatePicker control doesn't have any option to provide time selection settings. But there is an addon "TimePicker" which adds a timepicker to jQuery UI Datepicker. Please keep in mind that the datepicker and slider components (jQueryUI) […]
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Update another field when date selection is made using jQuery UI DatePicker

In this post, I will show you when using jQuery UI Datepicker how to update another field when date selection is made in another control. jQuery UI Datepicker provides an options "altField", which can be used to set the selected date to another control. Set the ID of another control as value for this field […]
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Show Hide jQuery UI DatePicker Programmatically

I just love "jQuery UI DatePicker" as its awesome and so easy to customize. Today for my requirement, I need to show the jQuery UI DatePicker control when textbox gets focus and hide the jQuery UI DatePicker automatically after 2 seconds if date is not selected by the end user, as if the date is […]
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Provide date format hint using jQuery UI DatePicker

jQuery UI Datepicker seems to be rocking because of the functionality and options for customization it comes with. If you are using DatePicker and the input textbox is not read only then user can enter the date via keyboard without selecting from the jQuery DatePicker And that's a good option. So in this post, I […]
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End Date should not be less than Start Date using jQuery Date Picker

How many times you have seen this message on websites? OR as a programmer, you should have implemented this very common date validation which is "End Date should not be less than Start Date". Gone those days where you write long java script functions for date validation and alert/show a error message on screen. It […]
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List of Supported date format by jQuery UI Datepicker

In this post, we will see the supported date format by jQuery UI datepicker. I have already posted many articles on jQuery UI datepicker implementation and some other cool features which you can achieve using jQuery UI datepicker. Read my series of articles about jQuery UI datepicker here. Below is the list of jQuery UI […]
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