List of Supported date format by jQuery UI Datepicker

In this post, we will see the supported date format by jQuery UI datepicker. I have already posted many articles on jQuery UI datepicker implementation and some other cool features which you can achieve using jQuery UI datepicker.

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Below is the list of jQuery UI datepicker format.

Option value Date format
$.datepicker.ATOM "yy-mm-dd"
$.datepicker.COOKIE "D, dd M y"
$.datepicker.ISO_8601 "yy-mm-dd"
$.datepicker.RFC_822 "D, d M y"
$.datepicker.RFC_850 "DD, dd-M-y"
$.datepicker.RFC_1036 "D, d M y"
$.datepicker.RFC_1123 "D, d M yy"
$.datepicker.RFC_2822 "D, d M yy"
$.datepicker.RSS "D, d M y"
$.datepicker.TIMESTAMP @ (UNIX timestamp)
$.datepicker.W3C "yy-mm-dd"

Below is the jQuery code to change the date format.

var pickerOpts = {dateFormat: $.datepicker.ATOM};

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