Expand textarea as you type using jQuery

Textarea or ASP.NET Textbox with Multiline mode controls are useful for accepting for length inputs. If fixed height is assigned then you will find vertical scrollbar. But it will be a nice feature to expand the textarea as users types. So in this post, Find jQuery code to expand textarea as user type using jQuery […]
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Highlight Negative value columns in ASP.NET GridView using jQuery

In this post, find jQuery code to highlight negative value columns/cells in ASP.NET GridView. This is a helpful feature as it draws user's attention immediately and informs him that there is something wrong with some of the entities. Related Post: jQuery.isNumeric in jQuery 1.7 Download ASP.NET GridView & jQuery Tips and Tricks eBook PDF Common […]
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Turn off autocomplete for textbox in ASP.Net using jQuery

jQuery code to turn off autocomplete for ASP.NET textbox. $(document).ready(function(){ $("#<%=Textbox.ClientID %>").attr("autocomplete", "off"); }); But there is no need to use jQuery for this as this can be done easily just by setting attribute for ASP.NET textbox. <asp:TextBox runat="server" ID="Textbox" autocomplete="off"/> But jQuery can be useful, if there are many ASP.NET textboxes then jQuery can […]
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Check/uncheck checkboxes in GridView using jQuery

Find out jQuery code to check/uncheck or select/deselect all the checkboxes in ASP.NET Gridview. There are already plenty of articles on this topic but then how this is different. Assume, all the checkboxes are checked when header checkbox is checked but then you uncheck one of the child checkbox then what happens to your header […]
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jQuery to highlight GridView Rows when Checkbox is checked in ASP.NET

In this post, Find out jQuery code to highlight ASP.NET Gridview row when checkbox is checked and restore it to original state when unchecked. Also Read: GridView and jQuery in ASP.NET How to do it? Bind the click event to all the checkbox of ASP.NET GridView. $('#<%=gdRows.ClientID%>') .find('input:checkbox[id$="chkDelete"]') .click( function() { }); In the click […]
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jQuery code to hide table rows with empty td element

Find jQuery code to hide those table rows (<tr>) which have at least one or more <td> element as empty or with no value. To hide table rows, iterate through all the td element and check it's text. If it is empty then hide it's parent (which is tr) using .hide(). Related Post: jQuery code […]
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