10 Best jQuery plugins for image zoom

10 Best jQuery plugins for image zoom:

jQuery plugins are handy when it comes to showing details of images. Many plugins and various tutorials are present on the web, which can help you create unique websites by adding zoom effects.

In this article, we selected some of the easiest to use image zoom plugins for jQuery. In case your website is an online shop or gallery, this is definitely something you want to add to your site! If you're still working on building your online shop, we recommend checking out this great tutorial on how to get started.

These reviewed jQuery plugins are time savers and can help you create some stunning visual effects without any coding knowledge.

You will only need to download the image zoom plugins on the website and then edit the features it provides to make it behave exactly the way you want it to.

Below are the 10 best jQuery plugins for image zoom which are both premium and free to use.

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Image Zoom, a responsive jQuery Plugin:

Image Zoom - Responsive jQuery Plugin by MuseTemplatesPro | CodeCanyon

Image Zoom, a very unique and helpful tool, is a plugin that adds zoom functionality to any type of image on your site.

It also provides you with the various magnification level configurations and allows you to change the appearance of the magnifier.

Hence, it is a very effortless tool to use. This one is a huge time saver tool that doesn't require any knowledge of CSS; it only requires basic JS skills.

Glass Case, image zoom plugin for jQuery:

GlassCase - jQuery Image Zoom Plugin by tinyComp | CodeCanyon

This is also a viral plugin for zooming on images. The unique thing about this plugin is that it doesn't break the details or make your image look pixelated. 

Every detail remains the same as before when the image is zoomed; which is why this jQuery plugin for image zoom is used very commonly for close inspections.

jQuery Mega Image Viewer:

jQuery Mega Image Viewer - animated zoom and pan by lhp | CodeCanyon

This plugin replaces the names of the <div> tags with image viewers. The fantastic thing about jQuery Mega Image Viewer is that this plugin  also supports touch functionality!

If you realize how hard it is to develop for mobile, you understand. We also recommend using JQtouch to help with this.

Touch enables it to be used  widely for mobile devices. It also comes with easy installation on HTML pages.

With jQuery Mega Image viewer, there is also an animated zoom which can be seen by the user to pan the image or zoom in on it.

Position control and a displayed zoom are also included in the functionalities of this plugin. 

Hence a very functional and future proof plugin that is compact with various browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari and Opera, etc.

Smooth Zoom Pan:

Smooth Zoom Pan - jQuery Image Viewer by VF | CodeCanyon

Here is a plugin-based around CSS and JavaScript, great for zoom on product photos, maps, and small area custom images.

The Smooth Zoom Pan plugin's configuration is very effortless, with the main steps being to copy and paste.

This plugin is also very flexible, meaning you can use it for Windows, iOS, and even Android devices.

Another feature is that you have the ability to set the position or zoom level initially. There is also a setting on the minimum and the maximum zoom level or type of animation.

This creates a truly unique experience for many users. Lastly, there are adjustable colors, margins, buttons, transparency, and even alignment.

jQuery iViewer:

10 Nice jQuery UI Things - SitePoint

This one is quite unique! There is a pan view creator in this plugin; you simply have to hold the mouse button down and then start to move it. jQuery iViewer targets the concerns of users by creating a pan view in the zoom window. 

A truly useful plugin for image zoom, jQuery iViewer will save you a lot of time coding. You just need to install the plugin and then change the plugin to your liking.


Zoomooz jQuery Plugin « jQuerylabs.com

Here is another jQuery image zoom plugin, this one with a really cool name. Zoomooz is well-known for making zooming in on web page elements effortless. Using this plugin, you can create three levels of zooming actions!

Prezi-style slideshows can be made from this plugin as it allows zooming in to various image details.

With this plugin, you can even zoom into areas that are translated, scaled, or even skewed- and there won't be any problems with the zoom.

Easy Image Zoom:

Basic and lightweight jQuery Image Zoom Plugin - Easy Zoom | Free jQuery  Plugins

Using the Easy Image Zoom plugin can enable you to see the large images' details while merely moving the cursor over the image. 

It is very lightweight and effortless to customize as compared to other plugins.

Basically, this plugin is an easy solution to problems like image magnification for websites. 

You can install the plugin and then follow the instructions to get started with it. 

Lastly, you can also play with various parameters in zoom images like the appearance, the size of the element, and the element's position.

Ajax Zoom:

AJAX-ZOOM - 3D Spin Rotate & Zoom 360 Plugin For jQuery | Free jQuery  Plugins

Ajax Zoom is a powerful and feature proof pan plugin with 360-degree rotation. 

This image zoom plugin is based around the PHP and jQuery (JavaScript).

Ajax Zoom is genuinely a perfect choice for e-commerce websites in which you have to show the 360-degree view of the product; it could merely be the requirement of the client.

There is also a very responsive mouse over zoom, which wholly provides you the tour of the product.

The mouseover zoom is actually the slider for the image, which is an extension turned on as a default on mobile devices.

jQuery Zoom:

Jquery Image Zoom Plugin - elevatezoom | Free jQuery Plugins

This is a plugin that will allow you to magnify the images with only a touch, mouseover, or even a click. 

jQuery Zoom plugin is fully compatible with jQuery 1.7 plus various browsers like the IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

You simply need to install the plugin with the provided instructions, and you can also uninstall it really easily. We have a short tutorial on how to do this here.

Light Zoom:

Jquery Plugin For Zooming Images On Mouseover - jQuery Zoom | jqueryHub

Here is a very lightweight and effortless jQuery plugin for image zoom, working mainly with CSS.

The fantastic thing about this plugin is that it can zoom the image even without loading massive images and it can also work as a zoom tool for gif images.

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