3 Really Fun jQuery Plugins

Sometimes, web developers just wanna have fun. If you can relate to this, then you'll probably love this list we put together of 3 of our favorite super fun jQuery plugins that you can add to your projects. They may not be the most useful or practical plugins around, but they sure are fun to play with.

1. Raptorize

Raptorize is a really fun plugin that you can use to add a raptor (you know, everyone's favorite scary extinct giant lizard with the razor sharp claws) to any web page. You can have it pop up just about anywhere you like, and it even comes complete with sound effects. Roar!
BoingPic is a very fun, interactive plugin that you can use to add some crazy interactive effects to images. When you move your cursor over an image, you can use BoingPic to have the image explode based upon where the cursor lands or is moving. It's a really cool, really interesting, and overall super fun jQuery plugin that you can use to play around with images.
This plugin turns a regular 3D cube into an ever-changing, mutating, rotating monster. Well, it's not like any monsters we've ever seen before, but it has about half a dozen legs and it looks like it could probably eat a person, so if that's not scary, then what is? A really cool plugin to add to any project seeking to be different or creative.  

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