7 Free jQuery Plugins for Maps

cThe ability to add a map functionality to your site can be a big deal -- especially if the website in question represents an actual establishment that users can visit. In that case, the fact that your users would be able to see where it's located on a map not only helps to make a positive user experience, but it's also just a good way of letting your users know how to find you in real life. If you're looking to add some sort of functionality to your site that will give your users access to locating real life places of business (or even just regular places and addresses), check out the following list of jQuery plugins made for adding maps to webpages.

1. jQuery tWism

The jQuery tWism plugin can be used to create custom clickable maps. With built-in map templates that include a detailed map of the United States OR a detailed world map, you can reveal state names or country names just by clicking on them. This plugin is lightweight, easy to use, and highly customizable.
WhatsNearby uses Google Maps and Google Places API to create a plugin that renders a Google Map that shows the user an interactive map of what is nearby. You can choose what types of establishments are shown -- bars, cafes, restaurants, gyms, etc, and you can also choose a radius for the map to adhere to -- so you can show cafes within 5m of a location, or gyms within 50 meters. It's customizable to meet the needs of your own individual projects.
Geocomplete is a jQuery plugin that creates an auto-complete function for locations using Google Maps API and Google Places Autocomplete Service. All you need to do is create an input field to call the .geocomplete() function on. You've also got the option to add a container that can house an interactive map that will populate based on the location added into the aforementioned input field.
Maplace is a lightweight plugin that makes it easy to embed Google Maps onto any web page. It allows you to quickly create markers and a controls menu on the map, and can run as many maps as you like.
Geolocation marker is a useful plugin that creates a marker circle over a users location as users interact with your map. The circle creates an accurate radius around your users' locations.
jVector Map is a cool, stylish map plugin that is very versatile. It's scalable, interactive, and works across all browsers.
Another map plugin that has an autocomplete feature, this one comes with a built-in interactive map feature that makes it super easy to link up to and integrate with Google Maps.

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