6 Lightweight jQuery Plugins for Fixed Elements

Giving fixed positioning to elements is a great way to keep them visible on the page no matter how much or how far a user scrolls. Fixed positioning can be achieved easily using CSS -- it only takes one line of code to change the position of an element from static or relative to fixed. But if you're looking to create dynamic fixed elements, it's a little more complex and requires a bit of jQuery or JavaScript.

Dynamic fixed elements are elements that become fixed after the user has scrolled a certain amount down the page -- usually they become fixed once the user has scrolled past them. You can write code yourself to create dynamic fixed elements, but these type of fixed elements can be created easily using jQuery plugins. Check out the following lightweight jQuery plugins to see just how quickly and easily you can start adding fixed elements to your projects.

1. Sticky Kit

Sticky Kit is a great free and lightweight plugin that allows elements to become fixed or "stuck" to the page, no matter how far a user scrolls. With the plugin, you can easily make one or several different elements sticky, so it gives you a lot of options in terms of functionality.
Here's another plugin that allows you to make one or multiple HTML elements fixed. The plugin is lightweight, free, and easy to use. Additionally, it's supported on recent versions of most popular browsers. Plus, while it makes elements fixed when vertical scroll occurs, the elements are still able to move left to right if there's a horizontal scroll.
Headroom.js is a lightweight JavaScript plugin that makes it super easy for you to change the position of elements based on a user's scroll. The plugin has no dependencies so it's super lightweight and won't significantly slow down your page's performance.
Waypoints allows you to quickly and easily trigger a function when you scroll to a particular element. When the function changes the CSS position property to fixed or changes the CSS class to one with a fixed positioning, you're good togo.
This plugin is so lightweight and easy to use, it's like magic. Use it to add really cool effects to your scroll -- including fixed positioning.
6. Sticky
This simple plugin makes it easy to add fixed positioning to any element on scroll so that any of your elements will remain visible no matter how much far you scroll up or down. 

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