Top 8 jQuery Plugins for Ecommerce Sites

If your site is in the ecommerce sphere, then chances are that there are a lot of plugins that might be of interest to you. Not only would plugins be able to add functionality to your sites, but they'd do so easily and cheaply (and often for free!). if you're looking to add more functionality or features to your ecommerce site, take a look at the list of the top 8 ecommerce-related plugins below to see if any of them are right for your projects.

1. Product Colorizer

If you're offering a product that comes in many different colors, this plugin is perfect for you. Not only does it give your users the chance to see your product in all of its available colors, but it also lets you totally customize the options so that the user can mix and match with color combos (for example, in the case of the screenshot above, the user can customize both the color of the shirt AND the color of the text using the functionality that this plugin provides).

Cloud Zoom is a beautiful plugin that will allow your users to really zoom in on all of your product images. The zoom is effect is super smooth and very well executed. The plugin isn't free, but it's a great functionality to have on your site, and depending on the types of products you're selling, it's totally worth the investment.

3. Reel

Reel is a panorama plugin that supports stitched panoramas and can be used to show your customers interactive 360 degree representations of your products. Check out the demo to see how you can use the cursor to spin your products all the way around so that they can be viewed from every angle. 

This plugin creates an expanding, dynamic shopping cart effect. It shows your cart (or your basket, whatever you choose to call it) by having it expand onto your current page, so your user doesn't need to stop browsing in order to view the contents of their carts. The plugin isn't particularly stylish, but it's completely customizable and a great functionality to add to your sites.

5. jQuery Shop Locator

jQuery Shop Locator is a great way to allow your customers to find your shop locations on a map. It comes loaded with 9 design styles and allows you to include an unlimited number of maps on one single page. It costs $10, but that's well worth the investment for this type of advanced, specific map functionality.
6. Tipsy
If you want to add tooltip functionality to your ecommerce site, Tipsy is definitely the way to go. With plenty of options for customizations, this plugin gives you ample opportunities to include clean and smooth tooltips on your site.
A great way to display content on your site is by using a carousel plugin. This one in particular includes smooth transitions and beautifully styled (though totally customizable) pieces of content that rotate like a carousel of images on your site.
Simple Cart is a beautiful, user-friendly plugin that allows you to add a simple shopping cart to your sites. It's built using HTML and JavaScript and has lots of easy options for payment gateways. 

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