7 Coolest Free jQuery Plugins for 2017

There are so many free jQuery plugins available to use in your projects that it can be hard to stay on top of the latest and the greatest. If you're looking for some new plugins to add some freshness to your sites, take a look at the list we've curated below at some of our favorite new and innovative plugins.

1. Face Detection

This plugin features face detection technology that applies to both images and videos. Use it as is or customize it to add even more functionality.
jInvertScroll makes it super easy to turn vertical scrolling into beautiful parallax scrolling (when your page scrolls horizontally, rather than vertically). Check out the demo to see for yourself just how smooth the scroll is. 
Tabslet is a great option if you're looking to easily add some tabs to your projects. Tabs, which have become increasingly trendy in recent years, are a good way to include a lot of information or content on one page without it looking crowded or overwhelming, plus they give your site that sleek Bootstrap look. 
If you're looking for an easy, lightweight solution for adding CSS3 animations to your text, Textillate.js is probably the plugin for you. It offers dozens of different text animations (from several different directions or angles) for you to choose from.
Want your content to be neatly organized into a Pinterest-style grid? Gridify can achieve this effect for you quickly and easily. This plugin is lightweight and supports CSS3 transition animations.
The Sliphover plugin is a great, efficient way to add animated hover effects to any of your images for a sleek, modern look.
As a developer, chances are that you've probably had to deal with a pesky background image that just wasn't the right size or dimensions to actually be used as the background of the intended element. Backstretch is one possible solution to this common problem. The plugin boasts the ability to stretch any image to fit an entire page or block-level element. 

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