Tipsy: a jQuery Plugin for Tooltips

Tipsy is a jQuery plugin that creates a Facebook like tooltip effect generated from an anchor tag’s title attribute. It’s easy to use, really lightweight, and super customizable.

One of the coolest things about the plugin is that it allows you to specify the so-called “center of gravity” of the tooltips, or where each individual tooltip appears in relation to its anchor tag. The default location for the tooltips to appear is centered underneath its anchor, but with the gravity parameter, you can choose from 8 other positions.

You can also apply smooth fade in and out transitions to the tooltips so that they appear upon hover after a nice transition, and you can even combine the fade and gravity features. You can also add a delay, dynamically update the tooltip text, and use tooltips on input fields. 
If you’re looking for a good tooltip plugin, this has got to be one the easiest to use and most versatile plugins that will serve that purpose, and is definitely worthy of being included in your next project. 

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