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jQuery Snippets: Check/Un-Check All Function

This easy-to-implement jQuery code snippet is super useful, and can be used to create a functionality that will check OR uncheck any checkboxes within a particular fieldeset. So for example, if your HTML looks like this: <fieldset> <div><input type=“checkbox” class=“checkall”>Check All</div> <div><input type=“checkbox”>Check Me</div> <div><input type=“checkbox”>Check Me</div> <div><input type=“checkbox”>Check Me</div> </fieldset> Your jQuery code to […]
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jQuery & JavaScript Resources: Books

If you’re a bookworm looking to learn JavaScript or jQuery, this list is for you. Any of these books are great resources to learn the fundamentals of both JavaScript and jQuery and will give you a great foundation to start learning both of these languages.   1. JavaScript and jQuery: Interactive Front End Web Development […]
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Form Validation Snippets: Email Validation with jQuery

With jQuery, it’s possible to write code that executes client-side validations for your forms and input fields. A common validation to make is to check whether or not an email address that’s entered into an email field is actually a valid email address (or at least in valid email address format). The following is a […]
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Useful jQuery Code Snippets for Handling CSS

If you're not already familiar with code snippets, they are handy time savers! Essentially, the feature you want to implement is already created by someone else and is available for reuse. Handling CSS with jQuery can sometimes be tricky and time consuming. This post provides a list of useful jQuery code snippets for handling CSS […]
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Using Method Chaining in jQuery

Using method chaining in jQuery helps to ensure that your code stays as lightweight as possible. Method chaining allows you to apply many methods to one single selector, thus limiting the amount of times you have to re-write the same selector over and over again. To see how it works, here’s some jQuery code that […]
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How to Create a Simple Image Slider Using jQuery

Image sliders are useful for showing multiple images with cool animations to catch a user's attention.  Having an image slider/slideshow is a very common functionality that you may find on any website. Creating a simple image slider is pretty easy and it can be implemented easily with jQuery. There are tons of plugins available for […]
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