5 Top jQuery Button Plugins

Looking for cool, different ways to style your buttons? With customizable colors, shapes, and hover effects, the styling possibilities are seemingly endless, and choosing how to design your buttons and input fields can sometimes be overwhelming. If you don't want or don't have time to deal with big styling decisions but still want your buttons to look great, check out any of these plugins below.

1. jQuery UI Button

The jQuery UI Button plugin is the official jQuery plugin to enhance the appearance of standard form elements such as buttons, and anchors. The enhancements includes options for active and hover styles as well.

2. Labelauty

Labelauty is a lightweight jQuery plugin that creates beautiful input fields such as radio buttons and checkboxes.

3. jQuery addToggle

jQuery's addToggle plugin creates a minimalist on/off switch that can be added to any of your projects. Features like color and size are easily customizable to blend in with your site's theme and design.
Checkbox-field is a unique and useful plugin that will turn your mutli-select lists into beautifully organized and styled checkbox fields. Perfect for converting older, uglier designs and functionalities into something modern, new, and user-friendly.
The Bootstrap Checkbox plugin creates checkbox fields that draw inspiration from Bootstrap's button styling. If you like the style of the Bootstrap framework but aren't using it for your projects, this plugin is a great option for achieving the Boostrap look on some of your HTML elements.

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