Show Image Preview for External Images Using jQuery

You must have seen on many websites that as soon as you enter any image URL, the image preview is displayed on the screen. This is a very good idea to let your user know exactly which image they are referring to. This can be easily done via jQuery. In this post, let’s find out how to show image preview for the input URL using jQuery.

To display the image preview on screen, along with the input text box, we also need to have image tag. So your HTML should look like:

Image Url: <input type="text" id="txtURL"/>
<br />
<img id="imgPreview" />

Here is the jQuery code which will display the image preview as soon as the focus goes out of the input text box. The idea is very simple. You just copy the entered URL and assign the same to image element as the source and image will be loaded.

  $('#txtURL').change(function () {
    $('#imgPreview').attr('src', $('#txtURL').val())

So now, when you run your application and enter any valid image URL to input box and as soon as the focus goes out, the image URL will be assigned to image tag and it will be displayed.

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