7 Awesome JavaScript Libraries for Drawing

The uses of JavaScript are definitely countless when adding extended features in Web Browsers. JavaScript library is a library of pre-written JavaScript which allows for easier development of JavaScript based-applications. It can be combined with CSS to create dynamic web pages as well. It's a good alternative to Flash based websites. There are libraries for adding text animation, giving virtual effects on the webpage, adding shapes or elements and draw figures.

Libraries like Form simplify the task of writing simple form functions. Libraries like JSTweener, Facebook Animation, and FX are some of the libraries that can be used for CSS-based animation. With some changes developers can modify the UI for the web page. Date.js, Sylvester JavaScripts is used for string and maths functions, like tweaking the date. One of the more complex features of libraries is that they can be used for drawing. Let’s discuss some of the libraries that can be used to draw.

1. Joint.js

Joint.js is a programming language that can be used to create both static and interactive diagramming tools and application builders.  Some of the features of this are: Basic diagrams, zoom in/out, hierarchical diagrams, customizable links, interactive elements and links, touch support and ready-to-use common diagrams,


2. Mxgraph

This JavaScript diagramming component is responsive and works on almost all browsers. The Mxgraph package contains client software with a series of instructions in various languages. It provides a single and complete API which allows the creation of consistent applications in almost all environments. It is fully documented with a series of examples and in-depth articles to explain everything.

3. Go.js

This is also a feature rich JavaScript Library which allows the creation of complex diagrams with Nodes, Links or Groups through various templates and layouts. It offers features like drag-and-drop, copy and paste, transactional state and undo managements, palettes, overview, data-bound models or event handlers. It has an extensive tool system for operating various custom works.


4. Raphael

Raphael is a small JavaScript library used to draw vector graphs or specific charts easily. It uses SVG W3C recommendation and VML base for creating graphics. Any object created becomes a DOM object which allows developers to add event handlers and modify them. The images are responsive and cross-browser compatible. Developers can play wt colors and images to draw graphs.

5. Draw2D

It is a HTML5 JavaScript Library for visualization and interaction with diagrams. It also creates cross-platform diagram applications using a browser and a API. It is highly responsive and carefully optimized to deliver a wide range of experience on various devices, OS and browsers.


6. Fabric.js

This library is a powerful HTML5 canvas library which allows drawing complex shapes or gradients. Developers can create and populate objects on canvas, like geometrical shapes or images and pictures.  It offers built-in animation or adds text to images in different shape, colors and fonts.


7. Paper.js

Paaper.js is a simple open source vector graphics scripting framework. It provides Document Object Model or Scene Graphs which are very easy to work. After creating an object developers can populate it with layers, groups, paths and more and play with the data.


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