15 Top jQuery Chart Plugins for Developers

Graphics in programs like Photoshop can be created both statistically and dynamically. Creating graphics using statistical methods is a bit difficult when compared to dynamical methods. Here are the few jQuery chart plugins that will help you generate charts or tables:

1. Dynatable.js

Dynatable is a interactive table plugin that uses HTML5, jSON and jQuery.


2. Chartist.js

With this jQuery plugin developers can generate customizable responsive charts.


3. HighchartTable

Using this jQuery chart plugin developers can automatically convert HTML tables (which contain data) into graphs. HighchartTable jQuery plugin is simple to use, as no extra efforts are required.


4. Bootgrid

jQuery Bootgrid is sleek and intuitive. It is a control designed for bootstrap.


5. Pizza Pie Chart

Using this jQuery chart plugin developers can create pie charts representing pizza, which is different and attractive.


6. jqTimeline

This jQuery Timeline plugin is a simple plugin which displays a set of dates or events in a timeline.

7. Scatterplot.js

Using this jQuery chart plugin develperrs can create scatter plot charts.


8. jsPlumb

This jQuery plugin provides a path for web developers to connect elements visually on their web pages.


9. ReStable

ReStable is a lightweight jQuery chart plugin (1 Kb). This plugin makes tables responsive by collapsing them in the ul lists.


10. Peity

It is a simple jQuery plugin that converts the content or data into simple donut, pie, line and bar chart. This jQuery chart plugin is supported by almost every browser.

11. jqPlot

jqPlot is a versatile charting and plotting plugin that provides beautiful bar, line, pie and other charts.


12. JavaScript InfoVis Toolkit

With this plugin, Interactive Data Visualizations can be created for the web.


13. Sheetrock

This jQuery plugin is used for displaying, querying and retrieving data from Google Spreadsheets.

14. jChartFX

With this jQuery plugin developers can create commercial dashboards and business intelligence applications.


15. Chart.js

This jQuery chart plugin provides web developers and designers with clean, simple and engaging charts.

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