5 excellent android apps to learn jQuery

In this post, find a list of 5 excellent and free android apps to learn jQuery on the go. These apps are having detailed documentation with examples and covers most of the things.

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jQuery Tutorials

This android apps comes with a cleaner UI with all the information you need on the go about jQuery. This app covers jQuery tutorials, effects, ajax functions, traversing functions and HTML related functions.

Dev Pocket Reference - jQuery

Developer Pocket Reference (jQuery) is package of DPR series in attempt to provide references / guidance for developer on palm. This DPR - jQuery is free and provides a complete and comprehensive manual / reference.

jQuery Dictionary

This app is jQuery API reference. jQuery, jQueryUI and jQuery Mobile API documentation are included in this app.

jQuery API CheatSheet

Application that includes all contents of jQuery, where you can search and view examples in a clear and simple way. It contains all versions of jQuery up to version 1.9.

jQuery Tutorials

Another jQuery tutorial app which covers all the basic details you need to know about jQuery.

Feel free to contact me for any help related to jQuery, I will gladly help you.

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