Best Free jQuery Map Plugins

Google Maps, like any other Google product is already easy-to-use and their API is not that complicated to work with. However, things can always be simpler with these feature enriched jQuery Map Plugins that help consuming Google Maps much easier. With the help of jQuery Map Plugins you can easily integrate google maps into your websites and can determine your customers exact locations.

For this roundup we have amassed a list of Best jQuery Map Plugins, that would help you to add google maps in your web applications and help you to track your visitors locations and enhance end user experience.

1. FusionMaps XT

FusionCharts JavaScript Charts 8
The FusionCharts jQuery plugin helps you add animated JavaScript maps to your web, mobile applications with the easy-to-use jQuery syntax. FusionMaps XT has over 965 maps including world, continents, all major countries and all US states. All these maps have interactive features like markers, hover effects, listening to events, exporting map as image/pdf, tool-tip macros, drill-down capabilities & more. FusionMaps XT has a beautiful Fiddle Gallery where you can pick any map to edit it in JSFiddle.

2. jVectorMap

jVectorMap is a jQuery plugin employed to show vector maps and visualize data on HTML pages. It uses SVG in all modern browsers like Firefox 3 or 4, Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE9, while legacy support for older versions of IE from 6 to 8 is provided with VML. Using jVectorMap is pretty simple. All you need is to include JavaScript and CSS files. While initializing map you can also provide parameters to change its look and feel easily.

3. Subway Map Visualization jQuery Plugin

Subway Map Visualization jQuery Plugin lets you create a beautiful, interactive subway map visualization for their website using HTML markup. The map size, line width and colors can all be customizable. The markup used to create the map is search engine friendly too.

4. SpryMap

SpryMap is a super lightweight (2.8 KB), dependency free Javascript widget that turns any HTML element into a Google Maps-like click and drag window. SpryMap is released under the creative commons license, essentially you’re free to use it and adapt it for any personal or commercial purposes.

5. SmallWorld.js

SmallWorld.js is a utility for generating map overviews using GeoJSON and HTML Canvas. It was created out of a need to render simple map previews, quickly and efficiently without heavy client libraries.

6. WhatsNearby

A jQuery plugin to list and show nearby places around a certain position using Google Maps.

7. Gmaps.js

GMaps.js allows you to use the potential of Google Maps in a simple way. No more extensive documentation or large amount of code.

8. Mappy.js

Mappy.js is a jQuery plugin to select places on a map. As well as picking places, you can add/edit ones to integrate with your own database.

9. jQuery Location Picker Plugin

jquery location picker
Location Picker plugin allows to easily find and select a location on the Google Map. Along with a single point selection, it allows to choose an area by providing its center and the radius. All the data can be saved to any HTML input element automatically as well as be processed by Javascript (callback support).

10. jQuery Mapael

jquery mapael
jQuery Mapael is a jQuery plugin that allows you to display dynamic vector maps. With Mapael, you can display a map of the world with clickable countries. You can build simple dataviz by setting some parameters in order to automatically set a color to each area of your map and generate the legend. Moreover, you can plot cities on a map with their latitude and longitude.

11. jHere

With jHERE, you can easily add interactive maps to your website. In only 5KB (2KB Gzipped), you get a powerful map API, highly customizable markers, event handling and info bubbles. Bonus features are KML support and data visualization via heatmaps.

12. jQuery Geo

jQuery Geo, an open-source geospatial mapping project from Applied Geographics, provides a streamlined JavaScript API for a large percentage of your online mapping needs. Whether you just want to display a map on a web page as quickly as possible or you are a more advanced GIS user, jQuery Geo can help.

13. jQuery Google Maps Store Locator

jquery store locator plugin
This jQuery plugin takes advantage of Google Maps API version 3 to create an easy to implement store locator. No back-end programming is required, you just need to feed it KML, XML, or JSON data with all the location information. There are many options to customize plugin, also you can geocode all the locations beforehand, to make sure it was quick and to avoid any potential geocoding errors.

14. MapQuery

MapQuery is a jQuery plugin that you can use to add mapping to your website. Whether you quickly want to add a simple map to a page, or build a feature rich web application, MapQuery is just the thing you need.

15. Geolocation

Geolocation is a jQuery plugin to get the location of the users visiting your webpage by using Google Maps API.

16. jQuery Map Marker

This plugin makes it easy to put multiple markers on Map using Google Map API V3. Map Marker is very useful when you have a list of data & you want to show all of them on Map too.

17. jQuery GPS

jQuery GPS
Jquery GPS is a lightweight and simple solution to all your Google Map needs. Add inputs for addresses by simply adding default or custom ID's. You can use any element to trigger the event! So it doesn't need to be embedded inside a form.

18. jQuery Plugin for Zoomeable Interactive Maps

A jQuery Plugin for Zoomable  Interactive Maps
NMC has written a jQuery plugin for Zoomable, Interactive Maps. Each location on the map would be represented by a bullet. Clicking the bullet would bring up more information on the location. Since the locations of the bullets might be highly clustered, zooming into select subregions is possible too.

19. US Map

Easily add an interactive map of the USA and States to your webpage without using Flash.

20. Gmap3

GMap3 is the ultimate plugin to create and manage Google Maps to jQuery. Based on an advanced managment system, GMap3 allows you to finely manipulate yours markers and others objects, to associate custom data usable in each event.

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