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How to serialize ASP.NET web form using jQuery

In this post, find how to serialize ASP.NET web form using jQuery. jQuery provides a very useful function jQuery.serialize() which encodes a set of form elements as a string. What is serialize and why do we need? Serialize is a way to combine your form values and create a single string which then can be […]
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How to easily validate form and inputs using jQuery

Validation is an important and required functionality for any application. Without proper validations of input, you application will die. So here is a jQuery plugin named "Valideasy " which helps you to validate your forms and input control without worrying about writing long lines of code. Valideasy is a jQuery plugin that you can use […]
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Best jQuery Scrolling Plugins for Developers

Creating a single page, horizontal and parallax scrolling website are in trend and being used widely by web designers. Single page design or scrolling effects are easy to create and can be done with less effort and without much knowledge of front end tools or programming skills. There are myriad of plugins and scripts are […]
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How to Integrate Facebook Login To Your Web App using jQuery

Adding a Login with Facebook option to your web app is a pain! The process requires multiple requests to the Facebook API, and usually results in a messy callback soup that you get stuck managing. A typical Facebook login flow usually requires the following sequence: window.fbAsyncInit FB.init FB.login FB.api(/me) You may also like: Facebook […]
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Best Responsive jQuery Image Slider Plugins

jQuery has completely changed the way of presenting media and contents online, now you can do number of things with jQuery to create awesome effects and visually stunning graphics for your websites and projects. With jQuery you can display your images within a responsive and user friendly way and create lightweight and beautiful effects for […]
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5 Chrome Extensions for jQuery

Find a complied list of 5 Chrome extension in relation with jQuery. These extension helps in speedy development, testing and debugging your jQuery code right in your browser. You may also like: Add jQuery By Example to Google Chrome to search about jQuery 10+ Free/Paid Tools for Cross-Browser Testing jQuery Audit jQuery Audit creates a […]
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