Before I start, want to thank you every one who has contributed for success of this blog. jQueryByExample blog has been online and running since June 2010 and that too due to an accident. I met with an accident and it was quite severe, and I had fractures on my left foot and right hand. I was on bed rest for nearly 2 months. And those 2 months played a major role in evolution of this blog.

While I was on bed rest, getting bored all the time. So I spent most of time learning about jQuery, and practicing it. 4 years back jQuery was not so popular. It was emerging and becoming pretty popular that time, So I thought of learning it and then sharing my experience via blog to this world. So just for fun, I had registered on blogspot with URL I never thought at that time that this blog will become so popular and important both to readers of the blog and me.

I had planned to get a top-level domain instead of the Blogger sub-domain. And was waiting for domain to become available but the current owner renewed it. Then I thought of other alternative domain names but I realized that I must stick to the brand name which is "jQueryByExample" so as this year ends, I've decided to get a new home. You can now reach this blog at If you remembered the blog by the address, then it will be even easier to remember it now. It’s just Remember it's not .com, it is .net.

The good news is that the change of domain will not impact on your bookmarks or links to this blog. Everything will redirect properly from the old domain to the new one. And the bad news is that it is will impact this blog for searching and visits but that should be for short duration. For a longer run, this is an ideal decision.

As we move into 2014, my aim to provide better content and quality solution remains intact. I have huge plans for the blog and you shall see us unveiling them very soon in the future. I hope to keep this blog updated with more and more jQuery content continuously!!!!!

Feel free to contact me for any help related to jQuery, I will gladly help you.

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