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Fix for ASP.NET Checkbox -jQuery click event getting fired twice issue

This is really interesting. If ASP.NET checkboxes or checkbox list is placed within any container element like div or span, and click event is attached on checkbox. And then clicking on checkbox text will call click event twice. For example, consider the following HTML/ASP.NET code. <div id="dvList"> <asp:CheckBox ID="chk1" runat="server" Text="Check1" CssClass="Dummy" /> <asp:CheckBox ID="chk2" […]
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Write Mobile Device specific code using jQuery

Believe me, a mobile application developer life is not easy. The war of different mobile platforms, different operating systems, different screen size for mobile and tablets and frequent releases of new devices are biggest challenge that they are facing. And their mobile application will be dying in ICU, if not treated and handled against the […]
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10+ Best and Free jQuery Mobile Themes

jQuery mobile is an awesome and mostly used framework for mobile application. So in this post, we have complied list of the 10+ Best and Free jQuery Mobile Themes for your mobile application. These themes covers design style from iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Metro Style for Window phones, Bootstrap, Flat UI, Square UI and Android Holo. […]
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jQuery – Correct way to check if object is null or Empty

Yesterday, I ran into a interesting and frustrating situation where for couple of minutes I was not able to find out what's wrong with my code. But I learned something new. Let me first give you an idea about what I was working on. I was creating a function, which first checks of div element […]
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jQuery code not working – A Daily Battle

Developers life is full of various code battles and "jQuery is not working" or "jQuery code is not working" is a just another daily battle which they have to fight against while working with jQuery. The message "jQuery is not working" itself defines its pain saying "Oh!!! there is something buggy in your code and […]
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