jQuery – Page Redirect after X seconds wait

You must have come across any website which uses a webpage with some annoying advertisement and a message that says "You will be redirected to actual page after X seconds". This can be easily implemented with jQuery. In this post, find jQuery code to redirect user to another webpage after specific time interval or few seconds.

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The below jQuery code uses JavaScript setInterval which executes a function, over and over again, at specified time intervals. So all is required is to set the setInterval as 1 second and then minus the counter from actual time interval. When it reach to zero second , simply redirect to specific path.

$(document).ready(function () {
   window.setInterval(function () {
      var iTimeRemaining = $("#spnSeconds").html();
      iTimeRemaining = eval(iTimeRemaining);
      if (iTimeRemaining == 0) {
         window.location.href = "http://jquerybyexample.blogspot.com/";
      else {
         $("#spnSeconds").html(iTimeRemaining - 1);
  }, 1000);

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