Latest jQuery Plugins released in July 2013

Today post is round up of latest jQuery plugins released in July 2013. These plugins are fresh, interesting, simple and lightweight. You may find them useful for your next project!!!

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S Gallery is a Responsive jQuery Gallery Plugin with CSS3 Animations. The plugin makes use of HTML5's FullScreen API, and relies heavily on CSS3 animations goodness and CSS3 transforms.


Swipebox is a jQuery "lightbox" plugin for desktop, mobile and tablet. It provides Swipe gestures for mobile, Keyboard Navigation for desktop, CSS transitions with jQuery fallback, Retina support for UI icons and Easy CSS customization.


The jQuery plugin for making images fill their containers (and be centered).

On Scroll Header Effects

This shows cool on scroll effects for headers. This demo provides some inspiration for animated headers and show you what kind of effects could be used to spice up your website’s starting element and give it some life


tidyTime.js takes any regular time and changes it into more human friendly dialogue such as "It's just gone noon. It's quarter past 8 in the evening, it's nearly half past 4 in the afternoon, it's just gone 25 to 6" and more.

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