Speedo Popup – Effective and Powerful jQuery Modal Plugin

jQuery modal/ popup is great way to show alert, notice, information, errors, modal popups, modal windows or dialog. And there are many plugins available which are suitable enough for this job. And here is a new kid "Speedo popup" in jQuery plugin ocean which is small but yet effective and powerful.

Speedo popup is a small, powerful and real customizable jQuery popup / modal plugin. Speedo popup is not just a simple popup, Speedo popup is:

  • a popup / modal box Plugin
  • a Notification Plugin
  • a Lightbox Plugin
  • an Alert Box Plugin

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And that’s not all. You can play videos, you can make a lightbox of videos and or mixed content or you can notify the user when you want, you have the possibility to do whatever you want. This jQuery popup plugin has full compatibility for HTML5 and full fallback for older browsers.


  • You have 14 predefined CSS3 themes for your popup message
  • You can choose free 17 jQuery and CSS3 transition effects, or you create your own
  • Multiple instances on one page. In addition, you can use different theme for each of them.
  • Automatic show
  • This popup plugin has full compatibility for HTML5 and full fallback for older browsers.
  • Closer and show timer
  • You can center automatically, or you can choose your own vertical and horizontal positions
  • Size is calculated automatically and is based on your content (default), but you can specify exactly width and height, if you need so.
  • Launch a link in a popup. Just declare class ‘speedo-popup’ on link, and that`s all
  • You can load any content in any way you want:
  • HTML string
  • Ajax call
  • HTML element
  • Iframe
  • media file (swf)
  • Embeded video ( yes, you can include youtube or vimeo players with simple link)
  • Cross-Browser compatibility
  • Multiple callbacks
      • onBeforeShow
      • onShow
      • onComplete
      • onHide
      • onClose
      • Small file size

      How to use it?

      It's very simple to use it. All you need to do is to download the required library and css file and include in head section.

      <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="skins/default.css" />
      <script type="text/javascript" src="pathToJs/PopUp.min.js"></script>

      And all you need is now to call, speedoPopup method on your element.

          htmlContent: '<p>This text will appear in SpeedoPopUp !</p>'

      There are many options/settings to play with and which makes this plugin customizable and unique.


      Speedo popup is a new plugin but it is powerful and unique. 14 different skins, 17 predefined CSS3 transition effects and ability to show almost everything in Popup makes this plugin a correct choice. With so many features and customization options this plugin stands far ahead of other jQuery Modal/Popup plugin. If you are looking for a such plugin, then JUST GO FOR IT....

      Feel free to contact me for any help related to jQuery, I will gladly help you.

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