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Hide/ Disable Dates in jQuery UI Datepicker

In this post, find jQuery code to hide or disable specific dates in jQuery UI Datepicker. This is small but useful features. Consider a scenario, where hide all the dates for public holidays or workplace is closed. Related Post: Disable specific days in jQuery Datepicker Disable Weekends in jQuery DatePicker Enable only weekends in jQuery […]
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jQuery Validation With ASP.NET Web Forms

Find out jQuery code to perform validation for ASP.NET Web forms. The code includes validations for email address, phone number, date, date format, ASP.NET Drop Down, ASP.NET Textbox, ASP.NET Textbox with only number and many more validation techniques. Validate if all textboxes are empty Allow only numbers in textbox Validate Phone numbers using jQuery Validate […]
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OOPS!!!! jQuery Selectors NOT working…

OOPS!!!! jQuery Selectors NOT working.. A very common jQuery problem/issue that you must have face or may face. And there could be tons of reason of selectors not working properly like incorrect syntax, incorrect context.. But do you know there could be another reason which is element ID or css class name? Yes, you read […]
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Speedo Popup – Effective and Powerful jQuery Modal Plugin

jQuery modal/ popup is great way to show alert, notice, information, errors, modal popups, modal windows or dialog. And there are many plugins available which are suitable enough for this job. And here is a new kid "Speedo popup" in jQuery plugin ocean which is small but yet effective and powerful. Speedo popup is a […]
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Detect iPhone Version using jQuery

In this post, find jQuery/JavaScript code to detect iPhone version. There is no direct way to find out version and in fact the User agent string also doesn't have any information about iPhone version. The User Agent string have details about OS version, but not the iPhone version. Related Post: Detect Apple Devices (iPad, iPhone, […]
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Now to learn jQuery interactively

How about learning jQuery like playing a game? Passing a hurdle, earning some badges to boost your score and confidence. Isn't is exciting? Well, indeed it is. Reading documentation, blogs, and forums are useful ways to learn how to use jQuery, but there is ultimately no substitute for actually writing code as while writing code […]
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