3 Free jQuery Spell Checker Plugins

In this post, we have collected 3 Free and Best jQuery Spell Checker Plugins which allows you to check spelling not only with English language but also with other language. These plugins use Google's spell checking API for verification. If you are planning to implement spell checking functionality in your website then just give them try.

1. jQuery SpellCheck Plugin

JavaScript Spell Check provides a useful plug-in for jQuery allowing you to use jQuery to implement the main function of the spellchecker.

2. jQuery Spell Checker

This jQuery plugin is used to check the spelling of a HTML element.The plugin works in most popular browsers, including IE6+, FF3+, Safari4+, Chrome3+, Opera10+, Camino1+

3. jQuery Spellcheck - Brandon Aaron

A jQuery plugin that adds spell check support to inputs. It uses Google's spell checking API and requires a server to handle the communication with the API.

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