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5+ Superb jQuery Image Gallery Plugins

This post has list of superb jQuery Image Gallery plugins and tutorials that will give you full understanding of how image galleries are made and used with jQuery. Likno Web Scroller Builder Likno Web Scroller Builder is a powerful WYSIWYG application (visual interface) that helps you create any jQuery Slider with no coding at all. […]
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5 Superb jQuery Google Map Plugins

Google Map are quite useful and widely used. You can also integrate Google Maps in your website with the help of jQuery Google Map Plugins. Here are 5 superb jQuery Google Maps Plugins to make your life simple. These can be easily integrated. gMaps.js gmap 3 gMap Google Maps the jQuery Plugin Way Googlemaps Feel […]
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5 jQuery Plugins for like Facebook effects

Facebook has become an part of our lives and these days facebook like effects are very popular and eye catching. Today I have put together list of jQuery plugin which allows to create facebook like effects. Facebook-like Registration Facebook is a showcase of great UI design. And as it has become a major part of […]
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How to disable/enable an element with jQuery

You must have come across a situation where you have to make any element disable or enable. With jQuery, there are couple of ways using them you can enable/disable any element. jQuery really makes your task very easy. In below given example, I have disabled a textbox with id "txtName". Approach 1 $("#txtName").attr("disabled", true); Approach […]
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5 New jQuery Image Slider and Slideshow

Here is list of 5 newest jquery image slider and slideshow plugin edition for 2012. These are professional design for image slider/slideshow that I have collected. You will find that some plugin using CSS3 and jQuery. Fullscreen Slit Slider with jQuery and CSS3 A tutorial on how to create a fullscreen slideshow with a twist: […]
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Magnifying glass for image zoom using jQuery and CSS3

"The code uses CSS3 box-shadow and border-radius properties to create the magnifying glass. Jquery is used to position it at the cursor coordinates and change the background position accordingly. Moving the cursor away from the image gently fades out the magnifying glass bringing the image back to the default state." Original Article Feel free to […]
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