5 New jQuery Image Slider and Slideshow

Here is list of 5 newest jquery image slider and slideshow plugin edition for 2012. These are professional design for image slider/slideshow that I have collected. You will find that some plugin using CSS3 and jQuery.

Fullscreen Slit Slider with jQuery and CSS3

A tutorial on how to create a fullscreen slideshow with a twist: the idea is to slice open the current slide when navigating to the next or previous one. Using jQuery and CSS animations we can create unique slide transitions.

Audio Slideshow with jPlayer

Using the open source audio framework jPlayer the slideshow will show images and play sound, changing the images at specified moments of the song/audio.

Parallax Content Slider with CSS3 and jQuery

A simple parallax content slider with different animations for each slider element and a background parallax effect.

Image Accordion with CSS3

Here is an accordion image that apply a technique of radio buttons and the sibling combinator in order to control the slides. The idea is to make each item, or slide, “clickable” by overlaying the radio button over the entire slide, and change the position of a child element when clicking on it.

Fast Hover Slideshow with CSS3

A little fast-running image slideshow that plays on hover and pauses when mousing out. The current image will stay visible.

Feel free to contact me for any help related to jQuery, I will gladly help you.

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