5 jQuery 360 Degrees Image Display Sources

If you want to display 360 degree images or panorama images for your products on your website then here are top 5 jQuery 360 degree image display sources or plugins which are easy to integrate and useful.


j360 is a jQuery plugin designed to display 360 view of product using a set of images.

  • Compatibility with iPhone, iPod, iPad, Google Android devices.
  • Mouse view on PC.
  • Tap view on touch screen mobile devices.

Ajax Zoom

AJAX-ZOOM is a powerful image zoom & pan plugin with 360° rotate option. AJAX-ZOOM doesn't require any browser plugins such as Flash, Java or Silverlight. It works great on iPhone/iPad and other mobile devices.


Spritespin is a jQuery plugin that enables sprite animation in your website. It takes an array of images or a stiched sprite sheet and is able to play these images frame by frame. This results in an animation. The aim of this plugin is to provide a 360 degree view of some kind of product. There is no flash needed. Everything is done with javascript and the jQuery framework.


Reel is a jQuery plugin which takes an image tag and makes it a live "projection" of pre-built animation frames sequence. Its aim is to provide a 360° view of something or someplace.

  • Very iPhoneOS-friendly. Excellent on iPad!
  • Plays fair with your existing CSS
  • Animated rotation and inertial motion.

360 JavaScript Viewer

This script adds multiple 360 images on a single page creating unlimited instances of the JavaScript. Rotate your products 360 on your site without flash.

Feel free to contact me for any help related to jQuery, I will gladly help you.

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