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jQuery and HTML

jQuery and HTML. Yes, in today post, I will show you some of the jQuery methods that you can use to change the HTML of the DOM elements. These methods are useful and easy to understand. To change HTML Content The html() method changes the contents (innerHTML) of matching HTML elements. $("div").html("jQuery By Example Rocks!!!"); […]
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jQuery String Functions

In today's post, I have put together all jQuery String Functions. Well, I should say that these are not "jQuery String Functions". These are "JavaScript String Functions". But as jQuery is built on top of JavaScript so you can use them with jQuery as well. So I call them "jQuery String Functions". Earlier I had […]
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Make Your Own jQuery Digital Clock

It is indeed a nice feature to display current time using jQuery or a ticking digital clock on your webpage along with weather information. So in this post, I will show you how you can create your own jQuery digital clock with help of "jDigiClock" jQuery plugin. jDigiClock is a jQuery plugin inspired from HTC […]
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CSS Class, Attribute, Property and jQuery

In this short post, I will show you how to add/remove attributes or properties to DOM elements and how to add/remove CSS classes from DOM elements using jQuery. Also, how attribute and properties are different in jQuery. Before jQuery 1.6 there was no concept of property. Everything was treated as attributes. But now you must […]
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jQuery Plugin to display In line related info

Hovercard is a free light weight jQuery plugin that enables you to display related information with the hovered label, link, or any html element of your choice. What is so cool about this plugin! Smoothly fades the name into a hovered card (in place). Uses minimum css and no external stylesheets to download. Full control […]
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Check if radio button is checked or selected using jQuery

Yesterday I need to find out if radio button is checked/selected or not using jQuery. I was knowing one way to find out but there are couple of other ways as well to find out if radio button is checked using jQuery. In this post, you will find all different possible ways. 1. First Way: […]
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