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What happens to event when you clone element using jQuery

jQuery has a method called "clone()". As the name suggests, it creates a exact copy of the element. The .clone() method performs a deep copy of the set of matched elements, meaning that it copies the matched elements as well as all of their descendant elements and text nodes. As for example, I have defined […]
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Detect Mobile Browsers using jQuery

Yesterday, one of my reader asked me that how to redirect user to mobile site if the website is viewed from mobile. In short, How to detect the mobile browser. Well, previously I had posted about "Detect Android Devices/Phone using jQuery" and "Detect Apple Devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod) using jQuery" but that is not going […]
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How to loop through all grid view rows using jQuery

In this post, I will show you that how can you loop through individual rows of ASP.NET GridView using jQuery. You might be knowing that GridView is rendered as table > th > tr > td format. The columns names are placed in th tag and all the data goes into various td tags. So […]
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How to redirect user to another web page using jQuery

Simple jQuery code to redirect user to another web page. To redirect, need to use location object available in JavaScript. Earlier I had posted about Redirect to another page after X seconds wait, Different ways to refresh or reload page using jQuery, Get URL Parameters using jQuery and How to force browser to reload the […]
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Upload files Gmail style using jQuery and HTML 5

Gmail style file upload is quite a good feature. You can easily drag the file from your system and drop it on the uploader and file gets uploaded. In this post, I will show you a jQuery plugin which can be integrated with ASP.NET application and which allows uploading like Gmail style. jQuery HTML5 Uploader […]
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Show loading icon while actual image is loading using jQuery

Showing loading for ajax content is pretty common thing but suppose there is a quite big image (in size) on your page and it is taking lots of time to load. Would it not be nice to show loading icon for the same? Well, it creates a nice user experience. The user will come to […]
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