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How to use jQuery setTimeout function

If you want to delay your jQuery code to run after some amount of time, you can use JavaScript setTimeout function to delay the execution. setTimeout is used in JavaScript to delay execution of some code and the same function can be use with jQuery without any extra effort. Since jQuery is written on top […]
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Extract numbers from string using jQuery

Today I got into a situation where I need to extract the numbers from the string variable on client side using jQuery. If a string has 1 or more occurrence of the numbers then also need to extract it and store it into an array. For example, if the string is var str = '3jquery33By333Example3333'; […]
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jQTouch Vs Sencha Touch vs jQuery Mobile

In my previous post, I have put together the difference between jQTouch and jQuery Mobile. But there is another Mobile Framework named "Sencha Touch" which is developed by the same person who has created jQTouch. Before you move further to know more about Sencha Touch, please read jQTouch vs jQuery Mobile. What is Sencha Touch? […]
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jQTouch vs jQuery Mobile

Today, mobile is a very common object and that's why Mobile frameworks are in very much demand. In this post, I will show you brief walk through of 2 most popular jQuery based mobile framework "jQTouch" and "jQuery Mobile". And I will also explain the differences between "jQTouch" and "jQuery Mobile". What is jQTouch? First […]
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