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Different ways to refresh or reload page using jQuery

In this post, I will show you the different ways using which you can reload or refresh the webpage using jQuery. The first method is nothing to do with jQuery. It is a HTML tag which you need to put in the head section of your page and your page will get refreshed automatically after […]
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addClass, removeClass, hasClass and toggleClass in jQuery

In this post, I will explain about some of the basic but useful jQuery css selectors. These CSS selectors are used to add or remove CSS class, to check whether element has specific css class associated with it or not. Believe me these are basic, but pretty useful. Add cssClass to specific element $('#element').addClass('myclass'); Remove […]
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Mostly used and essential jQuery code examples

The advantage of having ready made code examples is that they will save your valuable time.I have prepared a list of common and mostly used jQuery code snippets/example which can be used in any project. These examples are small but yet powerful and essential. I suggest you to bookmark this page and support us by […]
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Mostly asked jQuery interview questions list

jQuery is rocking and it has become so popular that it is used almost by every developer. As it has already become more popular, interviewers tend to ask jQuery questions in interview. Below is the list of questions which are asked in almost every jQuery interview. Before you go further, please read my previous article […]
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