jQuery.support.ajax property in jQuery 1.4.3

Recently, I had posted about that jQuery 1.4.3 release. I had also posted about "jQuery.fx.interval Property Demo" and "jQuery.isWindow" method. Few new Ajax features are also launched with the jQuery 1.4.3. One of them is a new property called "jQuery.support.ajax".

This property returns true for browsers which support or capable of handling XMLHttpRequest or Ajax. Currently most of the browsers supports Ajax so most of the time you will see true value returned by this property. However this could be useful for the mobile devices. As some of the browser in mobile device still does not support XMLHttpRequest or Ajax. Below jQuery code shows how can you use it.

     //Ajax stuff goes here.
    alert("Oops!!Your browser doesn't support ajax");

The alert in above code will return true in most of the browsers.I have tested it in Chrome, IE and firefox.

See live Demo and Code.

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