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Thanks for jQuery

Last week I attended The Ajax Experience conference in Boston (no, I didn't go to a Red Sox game), sponsored by the folks at The schedule was packed with outstanding presentations. But the highlight of my trip was jQueryCamp07, which was held at Harvard University on Saturday. Throughout the week I had quite a […]
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A Plugin Development Pattern

I've been developing jQuery plugins for quite a while now, and I've become rather comfortable with a particular style of plugin development for my scripts. This article is meant to share the pattern that I've found especially useful for plugin authoring. It assumes you already have an understanding of plugin development for jQuery; if you're […]
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Improved Animated Scrolling Script for Same-Page Links

After posting the last entry on animated scrolling with jQuery 1.2, I realized that I had left out an important piece of code. Actually, I didn't discover it until someone notified me that another page on the site was broken. Can you spot the problem(s)? [Note: the problem is not in line 3. The syntax […]
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