jquery.com temporarily down

As most of you have probably noticed, the jquery.com web site is down. John Resig has posted an explanation of what is going on, but you might not be able to see it depending on your DNS settings. Here is a copy of his words, taken from his post to the discussion list:

Sat. May 5th 6pm: We suffered our second DDOS attack today and our host has asked us to no longer host the jQuery site with them. Effective immediately they have shut down all services on the jQuery server and asked us to leave. This has taken us completely by surprise and we're working to adapt.

Sat. May 5th 11pm: Most of Saturday has been spent scrambling to offload copies of files onto other servers and to find a new host. All files have been backed up, so that is promising in-and-of itself....

Sun. May 6th 1am: An order has been placed with Rimuhosting to acquire a dedicated server for jQuery. We're hoping that the server will be ready some time Sunday, or at the latest, Monday. All files will be immediately moved over and attempts will be made to get everything in order.

Sun. May 6th 2pm: No update from Rimu as of yet, here's hoping they come through in a reasonable amount of time.

Also, I've placed yesterday's SVN builds of jquery.js and all of the plugins at https://learningjquery.com/src/. Keep in mind that these are not release versions, but development versions, so please do not use them for "production" code. If someone has the latest stable release and is willing to provide a link to it, please post it in a comment. Or, send me the file (my first name at learningjquery.com) and I'll post it here.

Latest Stable Releases:

If you need to view the API reference, don't forget these two excellent resources available to you: Visual jQuery and jQuery API.


Sun. May 6th 6pm: Just got word from Rimu that the server is being set up, and will be ready "within 12 hours". Thanks everyone for the donations that are pouring in, I appreciate it! NOTE Temporary downloads are back up!

Thanks for hanging in there through this ordeal!

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