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Quick Tip – Optimizing DOM Traversal

The topic of optimization has come up a number of times in the jQuery mailing list. jQuery's DOM traversal is powerful and easy, but it can sometimes be slow as well. As with any JavaScript library or framework, the helper methods will be slower than the plain old JavaScript (p.o.j) methods. Nevertheless, if we keep […]
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jQuerify Bookmarklet

Someone recently asked if it was possible to somehow include jQuery in Firebug for testing jQuery code on web pages that don't already have it included. It's not only possible to include the jQuery source right from the Firebug console, but you can also add a bookmarklet to your Bookmarks toolbar for one-click jQuery action! […]
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Multiple Fancy Drop Caps

After I wrote a couple entries (Fancy Drop Cap, Part 1 and Part 2) on creating a drop cap for the first paragraph in a DIV, a couple people asked how one would go about making the drop cap apply to every paragraph in a DIV. Update I've written a Fancy Letter Plugin that does […]
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How to Get Anything You Want – part 2

A couple weeks ago I wrote about traversing the DOM with jQuery's selector expressions to get any elements in the document (see How to Get Anything You Want - part 1). This time around, I'm going to focus on jQuery methods that provide even more ways to get elements. Some of these methods have a […]
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