Quick Tip: Click Table Row to Trigger a Checkbox Click

Somebody on the jQuery Google Group asked the other day about toggling a checkbox within a table row when the user clicked anywhere within the row. This can be a nice feature to have, and it's also very straightforward to implement.
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Working with Events, part 2

In my last article, I described the common problem of events seemingly ceasing to work for new elements added to a document, whether by some form of ajax or by DOM modification. We examined one way to overcome the problem: Event Delegation. With event delegation, we bind the event handler to a containing element that […]
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Working with Events, part 1

CSS and JavaScript are different in many ways, almost all of which are too obvious to mention. However, one difference between the two bears explanation, because it is often the cause of confusion and consternation, especially among those who are making the transition from CSS guru to jQuery novice. In fact, it was one of […]
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