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Alert user while typing invalid domain name using jQuery

It is very much possible that at the time of signup, user make mistake while entering the correct domain. For example, instead of "", user types "". And the wrong email address gets saved in database. And later on, when your website sends an email, the email will bounce. In this post, I will show […]
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Date validation for “MM/YYYY” using jQuery

You may done validation for "dd/mm/yyyy" format but today I need to do validation for "MM/YYYY" format. The end user will input the date in textbox and I need to validate the date. Below jQuery code validates the date using regular expression in "MM/YYYY" format only using jQuery. jQuery Code: $(document).ready(function() { $('#txtDate').blur(function() { if(validateDate('txtDate')) […]
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End Date should not be less than Start Date using jQuery Date Picker

How many times you have seen this message on websites? OR as a programmer, you should have implemented this very common date validation which is "End Date should not be less than Start Date". Gone those days where you write long java script functions for date validation and alert/show a error message on screen. It […]
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jQuery validation using class “.required” problem – Question from blog reader

Read How to Validate email address using jQuery Well, 5 days back I received an mail from one of my reader, in which he had written that "I need to validation html page using Jquery by looping through Class attributes ["Class=Required"] if the label attribute contain "required" class then i should validate the alert the […]
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