Basic Show and Hide

As promised in my last entry, I'll be showing you a simple effect that you can do using jQuery: showing or hiding something, or a group of things, on the page. The two functions that let us do this are, not surprisingly, show() and hide(). jQuery also comes with another function called toggle(), which will […]
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Slicker Show and Hide

Last time I showed you how to make something appear and disappear on a web page. This time I'll show you how to do it with style. Like we did last time, we'll start with our $(document).ready() and put everything else inside of it. Adjust the Speed This time, however, we're going to adjust the […]
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TextMate Bundle for jQuery

JonBob and I have been working on a TextMate bundle for jQuery over the past few weeks. If you're not familiar with TextMate and you own a Mac, you should definitely check it out. It has saved me countless hours of repetitive keystrokes with its bundles, which contain commands, code snippets, templates, and macros that […]
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Scroll Up Headline Reader

A couple weeks ago someone on the jQuery discussion list asked if someone could reproduce a rotating headline box in which the headlines, in succession, scroll up into the box, pause, and then scroll up out of the box. Since I already had some code for rotating images on a page, I decided to recycle […]
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Effect Delay Trick

Here is a quick trick for getting an effect to delay without using setTimeout. Let's say, for example, that I want to show an alert message on the page every time a user clicks on a certain button. But I don't want it to stay there forever; I want it to go away a few […]
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More Showing, More Hiding

We've received a number of comments recently from people looking for variations on the showing and hiding theme. For the basics, you can take a look at two earlier entries, Basic Show and Hide and Slicker Show and Hide. For a full-blown plugin solution with lots of options, look no further than Jörn Zaefferer's Accordion […]
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